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Hello! I’m kimmunitee, a small business ambassador. Nice to meet you. 


Start-Ups. Corner Shops. Entrepreneurs.
You all have a story to tell.

Take your pick, behind each small business is someone like you who just wants to do what makes them happy. As life goes, however, the more you build your business, the less time you have for your passion. So, how to get back more time to do what you love and still be successful? By engaging customers with your story and letting them experience your brand. The more you do, the longer you’ll keep your client base. And it’s always easier (read that as “less time and money involved”) to keep your existing clientele than it is to be forever searching for the new.

What’s Your Next Step?

So you’re eager for more time in your life. You get that establishing and maintaining loyal client relationships is essential to meeting your goal. And you’ve probably heard the buzz that small business storytelling is one way to keep your clientele. You’re eager to share your story. You’re just not sure how to start.


First, let me help you right now with 4 tips:

Key Ingredients to a Good Story

Don’t Sell—Tell
Make it Simple
Be Sincere

Remember. This Is the Experience Economy

People want to feel good about what and why they’re buying from you. Use your story to help them do just that.

Ask Your Clients

Customers are ready and willing to be supporting characters in your story. Ask them questions like, “Why did you choose me over the competition?” or “How has my company made a difference in your life?”


Try different formats like videos, blog posts, infographics, tweets, photographs, etc. Share them on various social media platforms. Get good at a few. Then branch out.

I’m Here to Help



Talk to me. I have a habit of listening.

There are many reasons why I’d love to hear from you. Like …

You need your story well told and you’re pretty sure I’m the one to do it.
You don’t have the time, energy or skill to regularly post social media content.
You’d like to see how digital newsletters improve customer engagement.
You enjoy working with Divi as much as I do and want to swap tips.
You’d like to become part of my kimmunitee.

14 + 15 =

Small Business Showcase


“My job is to give artists exposure and contacts.”—That’s what Susan Corkum is devoted to doing day after day as the owner of Purloin Studio in Menomonee Falls. And she’s delighted to be doing it, saying, “If this were to end tomorrow, I would consider this the best time of my life.”



Most of her clients live in apartments. A few have their own homes. Many are limited in motion; one, for instance, is in a wheelchair. She tends to bring her own supplies, but will use what her clients prefer. She loves the flexibility; they love her. Her business is growing and she has a new employee to prove it.

Lynda Balcerek, the owner of Compassionate Clean, provides a service for a group of people that’s easily and frequently dismissed—the elderly.



A young woman by the name of Anne stopped in to Chocolate Falls in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, one recent Saturday afternoon. I was there gathering information for this article when I overheard Anne talking to Nancy, a shop associate. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation and, when they were finished, I walked over to Anne and asked if she’d mind sharing her story with me.

Here’s what she told me:


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