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Like you, I wear many hats while helping my small business clients engage their own customers. For instance, I’m a …

Wordsmith who enjoys taking photographsNewsletter creator who sees every marketing piece as a work of art. Writer who uses words sparingly to tell good storiesSocial media content curator who’s discovered her inner researcherNetworker who’s always looking to connect her “kimmunitee” with the resources they need. Small business ambassador who believes her clients are the way of the futureIndependent business owner who is an adept project collaborator.


• Would you like to engage more customers with your online presence?
• Do you need help in creating original content for all your social media platforms

• Are you eager to have other select, small businesses as resources?
• What would you most like potential customers to know about you?
• Have you wanted to experience the power of digital newsletters?
• Does your small business have a wonderful story to tell?
• How effective are your writing skills?
• Do you have the time to write?

Are You Curious?

What could an article like this do for your business?

Read a feature story I wrote for one of my clients, a computer consultant. The piece served many purposes. We used it in his newsletter and on his website, as well as on Facebook and LinkedIn. He provided his clients with a service—an option for disposing of their computers—and he helped promote a Milwaukee non-profit organization. Articles like this generate a great deal of goodwill, promote brand identity and create many networking opportunities. That’s always good for business.

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Boutique Style Studio
by Kimberly Hughes

What Could We Say and Show Here to Promote Your Business?
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Kimmunitee is a Certified Solution Provider with Constant Contact—the leader in online marketing. Together with Constant Contact, I can provide you with exceptional service and expertise for all of your email marketing campaigns, event management and more.

Thru Constant Contact, I’m equipped with state-of-the-art tools designed to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers in all of the Constant Contact campaign types.

Email Marketing Tip for You:
Be Consistent With Your Marketing | Be a Marketer

Be Consistent With Your Marketing | Be a Marketer

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How Would You Like These Numbers for Your E-Newsletter?

PC Assistants provides computer consulting in the Metro Milwaukee area. They have a winning e-newsletter with the numbers to prove it. Using kimmunitee and Constant Contact, PC Assistants’ e-mail marketing has an average open rate of 54% (industry standard is 14%) and an average click rate of 35% (industry standard is 8%). What’s the secret? PC Assistants President Bill Hand says:

Kim has a wonderful ability to take complex information, condense it and make it understandable. In other words, she can pack a lot of important messages into one clear, well-written newsletter that’s also visually very appealing. She’s strongly encouraged me to send out newsletters only when I’ve got something important to pass along to my clients, not just because it’s the first of the month and, well, our calendar says we’ve got to deliver a marketing message. Kim is also very good at finding related information online that provides helpful links for my clients. I always receive great feedback and additional business whenever kimmunitee publishes my newsletter.

Need some inspiration to promote your business with special events this month? Try these ideas from my business partner, Constant Contact!

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Everyone has many online opportunities to share their personal stories. What about you? Do you have life experiences you’d like to share with family, friends, a select group, the general public? Does the idea of a personal website intrigue you? Would you like to be a guest blogger but need help articulating your thoughts?

Take advantage of today’s technology and my writing skills to become a digital storyteller. Give voice to who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Let others learn from you. Provide tips and suggestions on everything from selecting the right computer to barbecuing to child rearing. Let your life speak!

Renaissance Woman

Your story and my skills could create a personal profile like the one I wrote on a contemporary  “Renaissance Woman.”

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Writing Around Town as a Google Local Guide

Once the name of my weekly newspaper column, “Writing Around Town” is what I now call my fun as a Google Maps Local Guide. Along with photos, I contribute reviews of unique, really good local restaurants, salons, coffee shops, boutiques, etc. Meeting people, sharing their stories and building “kimmunitee” is, for me, pure pleasure.

If you’re a Google Local Guide, I’d love to hear from you. How long have you been writing reviews? What are some great experiences you’ve had? Would you like to exchange tips? Use the contact form below or call me at (262) 853-7998.

  • Just got off the phone with Dave Rebro (a.k.a. iPad Expert Dave). I interviewed him for a story I’m writing about one of his many successes: RummageWisconsin.com. It includes statewide rummage and estate sales, flea markets, community events, etc. Also, the site has a Learning Center full of free checklists and articles for both buyers…


    14 hours ago

Here Are Some Small Business Owners I’d Like You to Meet:

I’m so fortunate to know and work with many small business owners and entrepreneurs. They form my kimmunitee, a dedicated, customer-focused group of professionals who do really good work. We serve as one another’s ready reference, client referral and all ’round inspiration. Here are a few of my wonderful collaborators, with new ones featured regularly:

Tracy Champagne, Small Business Milwaukee
Bill Hand, PC Assistants
Stacy Kaat, Stacy Kaat Photography

When can we add you and your business to my kimmunitee?

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I’m Still Paying For My Dead Husband’s Cell Phone Because I Don’t Know His Childhood Friend’s Name. Avoid finding yourself in this woman’s shoes by reading my article below. Prepare for your digital afterlife today. If you don’t, your small business will suffer tomorrow.

The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life. ~ Jane Addams

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