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When people ask, “What type of business is Kimmunitee?” they want a one-word answer, such as publisher, printer, painter. But I can’t provide that, because Kimmunitee is so much more. Choosing to focus on just one of my talents is akin to selecting a favorite child. And, really, who could force that of a mother?


It was liberating, therefore, when I can across a research paper on entrepreneurs. I realized that there must be circumstances where people are allowed, perhaps even encouraged, to acknowledge and cultivate all their gifts.

The Paper Is:
The Jack-of-All Trades Entrepreneur: Innate Talent or Acquired Skill?
(From Olmo Silva’s  paper published in Economics Letters, 2007, 97 (2), 118-123)

The Abstract Says:
Cross-sectional tests of the Jack-of-All-Trades theory of entrepreneurship invariably conclude that the accumulation of a balanced skill-mix across different fields of expertise stimulates entrepreneurship. Yet none of these considers individual unobservable characteristics, which may simultaneously determine skill accumulation and occupational choice. Using panel techniques to control for this, I show that gathering expertise across various subjects does not increase the chances of becoming an entrepreneur.

Kimmunitee’s Response:
Maybe so, but it sure helps!  It’s precisely because I have expertise in and a passion for many fields that I became an entrepreneur. For too long I allowed myself to pursue finite career goals. Early in 2014, my mentor of many years suggested I allow my future to “flow.” When I did, Kimmunitee somehow started to evolve.

My business may be a start-up, but my skills have been a long time in the making. If I’m lucky and if I work really hard, I plan to learn much more. And the better that makes me in helping clients like you.