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Ally’s Bistro Car Show

Ally’s Bistro Car Show
Photo of Doug Trost and his son.

Father Doug Trost (l) and son Doug Trost (r). Photo by Kimberly Hughes.

Doug 1 and Doug 2, as they call themselves, coordinate a car show that’s held Tuesday nights from 5-9pm in the parking lot of Ally’s Bistro. Located at the corner of Good Hope and Appleton Avenue in Menomonee Falls, both Dougs can be found setting up the show space and music, welcoming participants, making announcements and just having a good time. And a good time is what they want to provide everyone who attends this long-running car show.

Their show, sponsored by the Main Street Muscle Car Club, was held at Schlotzsky’s Deli for 15 years. When that business closed, the Trosts made arrangements to have the classic cars meet instead at Ally’s Bistro.

As the cars roll into the parking lot under the late afternoon sun, little groups start to cluster. And then, between all that polished chrome, the fun begins. The attendees enjoy talking about their cars, swapping jokes, sharing a little personal history, providing tips (on just about anything), answering questions from the pubiic about their four-wheeled investments and, in general, adding to the night’s overall gemütlichkeit.

Photo of car owners

Ally’s Bistro car show. Photo by Kimberly Hughes.

Jerry B., who owns a Mercedes-Benz replica that’s for sale, mentioned that the fun doesn’t end with fall. “The majority of these people get together throughout the winter to celebrate birthdays and holidays. They stay in touch ‘til next summer,” he stated. Jerry is referring not just to the crowds in the parking lot, but the ones in the bistro, as well. That’s where many of the spouses and partners meet over a sandwich or smoothie.

If you’d like to be part of a good group, if you’d like to be in on a little fun, and even if you know nothing about cars, stop by Ally’s Bistro any Tuesday night between now and October 14. An especially good night would be Tuesday, Sept., 9, at 6:30pm. That’s when, in keeping with the current hugely popular national trend, the younger Doug 2, along with James Fransee, accept the Ice Bucket Challenge. They’re taking on the big chill in order to raise money for ALS.

For more information on the challenge or the car show, e-mail Doug 2 atdtrost2nd@sbcglobal.net.