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On a clear and bright September afternoon (the kind that makes us happy to live in Wisconsin), I couldn’t resist the urge to make a little trip. Anywhere. For no reason other than to enjoy the beautiful day. I ended up at Basse’s Taste of Country Farm Market in Colgate. It couldn’t have been a better choice.

The sun and the wind did beautiful things together across Basse’s fields, thru the cornstalks, over the pumpkins, and all around the wind chimes that were strung in front of their Farm House Kitchen. I loved hearing the rustle of tree branches, watching the small goats, taking pictures of the huge hay bales and imagining all the fun that occurs when children arrive for pony rides, pig races and Tractor Tire Mountain.

Basse’s is a clean and quaint farm market that features each season’s bounty: June’s strawberries, July’s raspberries, August’s sweet corn, September’s apples and October’s pumpkins. Outdoors there’s a grain bin, hayride, obstacle course, corn tee pee, pedal carts track, duck races, giant chair and so much more.Pumpkin Hay Bale

Indoors there are homegrown green beans and peppers, big crock pickles, Honey Crisps, fresh apple cider, home-made caramel apples, kettle corn and a sweet selection of fall and Halloween gifts and decorations. This next part may not be significant to some people, but it is to me, having been in retail for many years…

Every gourd in the bins, every loaf in the bread basket, every packaged mix on Grandma’s Goodies’ shelves and every piece of candy on the counter was in order. Table tops were clean, chairs aligned, window panes spotless. The piles of pumpkins in the patch were placed just so, the fences freshly painted, and the play areas everywhere meticulously maintained.

For a wee bit, on this gorgeous September day at Basse’s Taste of Country Farm Market, I could have believed that I was witness to a wonderfully-illustrated children’s book come alive. One of Basse’s taglines is, “We grow memories!” I certainly won’t forget my visit to their pumpkinland. In fact, I know I’ll be back. I simply must try their fresh apple cider doughnuts. Would you care to join me? I hear their Pumpkin Fest is next Saturday, September 27.