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Let me guess…You’ve heard and read some of the recent buzz about about small business storytelling. Now you’re eager to share your story. You’re just not sure how to start. I can help you right now with these tips:

3 Key Ingredients to a Good Story

Don’t Sell—Tell
Make it Simple
Be Sincere


Try different formats like videos, blog posts, infographics, tweets, photographs, etc. Share them on various social media platforms. Get good at a few. Then branch out.

We’re In the Experience Economy

People want to feel good about what and why they’re buying. Your story helps them do just that.

Emotion Sells

Share your story first. Show stats later.


30 days of social media content

They’re Ready and Willing

Ask customers to be characters in your story. “Why did you choose me over the competition?” “How has my company made a difference in your life?”