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Boutique Style Studio

Boutique Style Studio
Store Vignette in Sunlight

Boutique Style Studio. Photo by Kimberly Hughes.

Visit this Pewaukee studio, enjoy the pretty vignettes, indulge in one or two of their specialty items and leave knowing you’ve just supported 25 fledgling businesses. It used to be 13, but good things seem to grow at Boutique Style Studio.

The shop sells new and delightfully repurposed items, all of it brought in by local vendors. To keep things unique, the house rule is that no two vendors can sell the same product. What’s more, owner Candy Finco tells potential vendors that “they need to think outside the box” in order to have their items considered for her boutique.

Whether perusing girls’ dresses fashioned out of men’s shirts (one of Kimmunitee’s favorites), garden flowers created with old china and glassware or chalk paint sold out of jelly jars, shoppers quickly see the creativity Candy looks for. Hand-made soy candles, along with natural laundry detergent and beauty products are also available. Soon a beekeeper joins the studio.

Eager to give a gift that shows the thought you put into it? Want your own spin on a unique piece? Then keep in mind that custom work is frequently and happily done by the studio vendors. One or two of them have actually had to back out of the studio because they didn’t realize how busy they’d get.

Clothing alterations are offered by Candy. The studio has one event a month and also hosts children’s birthday parties. (If you asked, we bet they’d provide the backdrop for your next special occasion.)

Girl's Dress from Man's Shirt Yellow

Repurposed Man’s Shirt. Photo by Kimberly Hughes.

What Kimmunitee especially appreciates is Candy’s encouragement of new entrepreneurs. For example, she tells her vendors, “This is your business. I’m the incubator.” Her attitude and generosity are on display as much as her product. One seller told her, “You don’t know it yet, but you’re doing mission work here.”

There’s much more to this quirky little place with a big heart. We encourage you to stop by and see for yourself. Take along a friend so that you can enjoy the experience together.

Special Note: The boutique is open three days a week. Check their hours by going to Boutique Style Studio. Enjoy your visit!

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