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“My job is to give artists exposure and contacts.”—That’s what Susan Corkum is devoted to doing day after day as the owner of Purloin Studio in Menomonee Falls. And she’s delighted to be doing it, saying, “If this were to end tomorrow, I would consider this the best time of my life.”


Most of her clients live in apartments. A few have their own homes. Many are limited in motion; one, for instance, is in a wheelchair. She tends to bring her own supplies, but will use what her clients prefer. She loves the flexibility; they love her. Her business is growing and she has a new employee to prove it.

Lynda Balcerek, the owner of Compassionate Clean, provides a service for a group of people that’s easily and frequently dismissed—the elderly.


A young woman by the name of Anne stopped in to Chocolate Falls in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, one recent Saturday afternoon. I was there gathering information for this article when I overheard Anne talking to Nancy, a shop associate. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation and, when they were finished, I walked over to Anne and asked if she’d mind sharing her story with me.

Here’s what she told me: