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Lynda Balcerek of Compassionate Clean

logoMost of her clients live in apartments. A few have their own homes. Many are limited in motion; one, for instance, is in a wheelchair. She tends to bring her own supplies, but will use what her clients prefer. She loves the flexibility; they love her. Her business is growing and she has a new employee to prove it.

Lynda Balcerek, the owner of Compassionate Clean, provides a service for a group of people that’s easily and frequently dismissed—the elderly. On a regular basis, weekly and/or monthly, Lynda not only cleans their living quarters, she provides kindness, caring and a little bit of company. “She’s compassionate, just like her business name,” says Beverly R., one of her clients.

Lynda extends her sort of ministry to the residents of Butler, Germantown, Lannon, Menomonee Falls, and Sussex in Wisconsin. I recently spoke with four of her clients and they were eager to share the good news about Lynda.

Beverly R. in Sussex

• Lynda is the most wonderful person.
• She does a very good job.
• When I was in the hospital, Lynda was the only non-family member who came to visit me.
• I recommended Lynda to 5 other people in my complex.
• Lynda has a key to my place and there aren’t many people I trust to do that.
• She doesn’t charge for chit chat.
• Last year as a Christmas gift, she cleaned my oven. The year before that, she cleaned my refrigerator.

Penny K. in Menomonee Falls

• Lynda is very professional and I’ve recommended her to others.
• I was flabbergasted the first time she was here. She even took the knobs off the oven.
• I had back surgery and was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s. So there are a lot of things I can’t do anymore. Lynda comes once a week to vacuum and once a month to do a thorough cleaning.
• When she’s here, she’s here to do her job. She gets the work done and she’s out.

Kay H. in Milwaukee

• The fact that she concentrates on the elderly just drew me to her from the beginning. She’s very sensitive to older people’s needs.
• I am 78 and cleaning is difficult. Vacuuming is pretty much impossible.
• She has a system where she is so organized and efficient and she brings everything that she needs. She’s loaded on both sides with stuff. It’s so Lynda when she comes in like that and I call her “the cartoon lady.”
• Lynda is very good at training Cecilia [her staff member] and they work together really well.

Judy H. in Germantown

• Lynda does a wonderful job. Very thorough. And she always asks if there’s anything else I need from her. She even takes out my garbage.
• She cares about seniors and knows what we need and can and cannot do.
• I would recommend her to anyone.
• She’s training another woman who is also very nice.
• I don’t want to lose her.

After meeting Lynda and talking with her clients, I’m sold on her services—my parents can expect a Compassionate Clean gift certificate soon. Here are just some of the things Lynda can do for them: dust; wash inside windows; mop hardwood floors; dust blinds; flip mattresses; wash tub, toilet and sink; vacuum carpets; sweep cobwebs; wipe kitchen counters, stove tops, cabinets and refrigerator doors; change shower curtains. She does it all with a smile and a kind heart.

Lynda Balcerek
Compassionate Clean LLC

~ Kimberly Hughes
following her bliss with kimmunitee llc