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Cowan Services, LLC

Cowan Services, LLC
Photo of Michael Cowan

Rare photo of Michael Cowan relaxing.

Michael G. Cowan

Cowan Services, LLC
(414) 704-1170
West Allis, WI


When it comes to his business, Michael Cowan says, “Small is good.” In particular, he’s referring to his client-base that is, at the moment, manageable. Happy with his full schedule and his regular customers, he doesn’t plan to grow Cowan Services. On the other hand, he wants to be of service as much as he can and the calls keep coming in. What’s a craftsman like him to do?

The answer for right now is to keep doing what he enjoys. That includes serving as the entire part-time maintenance staff for Holy Assumption Church in West Allis. After finishing that job every weekday at noon, he’s off to any number of individual households to do the small, practical work that people need done.

Take these, for example: repair garage doors and leaky faucets; tile kitchen floors; hang curtain rods and ceiling fans; install bathroom sinks; brace a porch or tear down an old one; place outdoor lampposts; paint a bedroom.

Occasionally, he’ll accept a project or two that’s bigger than usual. Roofing a garage, for example. In cases like that, he has a selected few he’ll call on for help. He enjoys working with them (his brother-in-law included) because they’re an effective team. With few words spoken, each knows exactly what has to be done and who’s to do it.

Eventually, Michael would like to move to South Carolina where he says he’d like to fully retire and spend his time reading. (Those of us who know this hard-working man think the latter is impossible.) In the meantime, if you have a project or two you’d like him to work on, call him on his cell phone at (414) 704-1170 or e-mail him at mikecowan22@yahoo.com.

 Cowan Services Suggests
• Getting 2-3 bids on projects
• Asking potential contractors a lot of questions
• Shopping Menards
(He has no connections to them, really! It’s just that he always finds what he needs at Menards.)
• Being very selective when choosing a roofer