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David Kocol, Videographer & Media Coach

David Kocol, Videographer & Media Coach

When blind dates turn into great marriages, imagine the matchmaker’s satisfaction. No doubt it’s similar to the pleasure I feel when successfully linking vendors to clients. To maintain Kimmunitee’s resource list, a lot of time is spent getting to know the service providers I recommend. And the time I recently spent with Metro Milwaukee videographer and media coach David Kocol was time well-invested.

Twice in the past 6 months I sat in an audience when David was a speaker. First at WordCamp Milwaukee and second at a WCTC Small Business Center social media event. David’s public persona came across as down-to-earth, sincere and knowledgeable. When conversing with him last week one-on-one, he was no different. He really does mean it when he says, “I live a life of service.”

Among those he serves is his targeted client base — small businesses, authors, professional speakers, actors and comedians. He calls them his “tribe,” no doubt because he, too, is an entrepreneur and a speaker. And who better to guide, coach and coax this select group than a fellow traveller?

Our 2-hour discussion was wide-ranging. That tends to happen, I’ve discovered, when people are at ease with one another and enjoy a good conversation’s give-and-take. Rather than write a lengthy narrative, I’d rather share with you what I learned from David in bullet form. It’ll be shorter that way and truer to David’s no-nonsense (yet kind-hearted) nature. Here it is:

  • He strongly encourages people to get out of their comfort zone. “Growth happens when you take risks,” he says.
  • “I’m always as good as my last bit of work.
  • When coaching his clients, David makes the uncomfortable comfortable. At the end of the day, he aims to hear, “Oh, that wasn’t so bad.”
  • He replaces the word “fear” with “excitement.”
  • David is eager to teach clients how to record their own videos. For instance, he can show a small business how to take one 30-minute video and make two 15-minute videos or three 10-minute videos. By segmenting and, for instance, adding different music, the video can be repurposed to fit different objectives. What a great way to use this medium for different social media platforms and to save on expenses.
  • “I set my clients up for success.”
  • He fully appreciates the self-esteem required to be a professional speaker. Understanding that, David is able to coach effectively many whose “egos” could have gotten in the way of their self-improvement.
  • David recommends Vimeo.com for storing and sharing videos.

photo of David Kocol behind cameraI’ve already introduced David to two of my clients and I’m hoping a mutually-beneficial connection will evolve. In the future, I’ll look for more opportunities to introduce David to others. He’s got a heart of gold, a great deal of expertise and a wonderful “life-long learner” attitude. In the meantime, I plan to take part in one or several of David’s video classes. Please consider joining me.

To see David Kocol’s portfolio, get a list of his video services, schedule him as a speaker or to read of his personal journey, see his website, davidkocol.com.