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Andy Fallon (l), Breanna Jambretz (c) and Kyle Miller (r) of Emergency Disaster Recovery


Hurricanes Harvey and Irma provided many opportunities for residents of Southeastern Texas and all of Florida to show courage, compassion and selflessness. Communities banded together, resources were combined and strangers experienced one another’s heroism.

Let these people serve as your inspiration. Use their stories to develop your own emergency plan. Get yourself and your family prepped right now for a disaster that could hit tomorrow. Get yourself ready to be your family’s hero.

First, get to know Emergency Disaster Recovery, Inc., experts in residential and commercial damage restoration.

Headquartered in Hartland, Wisconsin, Andy Fallon and Kyle Miller serve Hartland and all neighboring municipalities immediately after disasters (such as fires, floods and tornadoes). They and the staff of Emergency Disaster Recovery (EDR) often arrive on site as emergency vehicles are departing and when the enormity of someone’s loss is just taking hold.

EDR is passionate about and certified in the services they provide, including but not limited to:

Emergency Tarping and Board Up; Water Removal and Extraction, Temporary Support for Damaged Structures, Flooded Basement Dryout and Repair; In-Place Carpet Drying; Sewage Cleanup; Fire and Smoke Damage Repair; Commercial Water Damage Cleanup and Drying

When EDR is called to catastrophic events, it’s easy to see how reassuring Andy and Kyle are to their clients. Both exude professionalism, confidence and vigor, and they fully understand the critical role they play during a home/business owner’s “time of need.” Part of the process, Kyle explains, is “letting them focus on what they want to, for the moment, in order to get them back on track and focus on what they need to.” Having been through a house fire himself, Andy knows very well what’s racing through a victim’s mind and how he, Kyle and EDR can best help the home/business owner.

Like the best of small, local businesses everywhere, Andy says that clients will “get that personal touch from us.” EDR knows the answers to questions clients haven’t yet formulated; go into homes and retrieve for owners a precious item or two; make sure that power and water is turned off; board windows; coordinate efforts between the insurance adjustors and contractors; etc. (Here’s a complete list of their services.)

Andy adds, “We step in with our experience and expertise,” giving homeowners some peace of mind after disastrous events. And their service is so good that it’s not at all unusual for EDR to receive a call from a new client who says, “Our insurance adjustor highly recommends you guys.”

So…if you’re in Southeastern Wisconsin, you now know to call Emergency Disaster Recovery, Inc.™, for residential or commercial damage restoration. Be sure to keep their number handy at all times—(262) 361-4300 or (800) 601-4615. Also, contact your insurance agent now to recommend EDR for the future.

To protect yourself and your family even further, EDR recommends that you assemble an emergency kit in case evacuation is imminent due to a disaster. Here’s what you put inside (customize it as you see fit):


List of important contact names and phone numbers:photo

  • Local fire and police departments
  • Insurance agent
  • Disaster recovery specialist
    • If you’re in SE Wisconsin, call Emergency Disaster Recovery, 262-361-4300.
  • WE Energies
  • Red Cross
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy

Portable battery pack with a USB phone charger
Jacket (one that repels rain and keeps you warm)
2-3 days’ supply of prescription meds
Extra pair of prescription glasses
Granola bars
Bottled water
First Aid kit
Cash in small bills
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Notepad and pen
Flashlight and batteries
Place items in waterproof containers. Ziploc bags are fine.

Please don’t delay in putting this kit together. It could help save your life and others.

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In February 2018 kimmunitee received an e–mail from Aron James of Stubble Patrol. While conducting some research, he came across the emergency kit supplies list above and sent me a link. Skeptical at first, I read his article called, 35 Survival Uses of Tampons (Feminine Pads to the Rescue). I now see that tampons could be an essential component of a survival kit. Thanks for the tip, Aron!