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Everyone has many online opportunities to share their personal stories. What about you? Do you have life experiences you’d like to share with family, friends, a select group, the general public? Does the idea of a personal website intrigue you? Would you like to be a guest blogger but need help articulating your thoughts?

Take advantage of today’s technology and my writing skills to become a digital storyteller. Give voice to who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Let others learn from you. Provide tips and suggestions on everything from selecting the right computer to barbecuing to child rearing. Let your life speak!

Renaissance Woman

Your story and my skills could create a personal profile like the one I wrote on a contemporary  “Renaissance Woman.”

Kathryn Maegli Davis
  • Work with WordPress? Need free images? Try the Pixabay Plugin. As a WordPress user and Pixabay fan myself, I was delighted to learn about the plugin. Over 1 million images are now available to me through my WordPress dashboard. Thanks to Joan Stewart of Publicity Hound for this wonderful tip. Link to Pixabay Plugin: http://bit.ly/2vSVdp0

    All good things come in threes - and here it is, our latest WordPress plugin with a fresh look and an even more comfortable handling than before.


    September 20

  • Working out of one classroom, HOPE Network serves single mothers in 5 Southeastern Wisconsin counties. That's a lot of territory to cover for one small non-profit in Menomonee Falls, WI. And they just got great news from a giant national retailer! http://www.kimmunitee.com/hope-network/



    September 19