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Men’s Hair House Quite a Trip

Men’s Hair House Quite a Trip

Some men are born risk-takers, such as Alaskan bush pilots, base jumpers and bullfighters. Personalities like theirs have no fear of the new and unknown, much like older men who—one day—change barbers. Three such adventurers, ages 64-80, summoned their courage (were given gift cards) and boldly embarked (grabbed their golf caps) on an adventure (to Men’s Hair House). Here’s their tale:

photo of peanuts

Men’s Hair House offers free peanuts.

Bill, Bob and Mike—family all—were each treated to a holiday gift of one haircut at Men’s Hair House in Menomonee Falls. Now they hadn’t changed barbers in many a year, but were promised a spacious lounge, free peanuts and private stations with LCD TV. “Oh, what riches lie ahead,” they shouted when setting off.

Upon reaching the distant land, located on Main Street, the men were warmly welcomed. While they had made an appointment, they noticed that walk-ins weren’t made to feel foreign, either. Coffee, comfy chairs and reading material (Men’s Journal, Field & Stream, ESPN) were waiting for them and all other fellow travelers. An engaging, unusual blend of music could be heard overhead.

Greeted by their female barbers, the trio were guided back to the strange realm known as “Clients Only.” Suddenly, their esprit de corps was replaced with a very big question: What, really, did they know about these stylists and the haircuts they were soon to receive? And then a song by Dire Straits began playing. Foreshadowing? Had they been tricked by sirens? Had these adventurers been too eager to stray from familiar ports? Would they have the courage to reappear in public with a different cut and style?

So many questions. A long half-hour ensued ‘til next they returned to the harbor called lounge.

ChairAnd when they did, what stories they told! Of comfortable chairs, individual remotes and the ability to watch any channel they desired. Of relaxing shampoos, scalp massages and soothing hot towels. Like dazzling jewels and mighty dragons, they spoke of wondrous things such as tea tree conditioner, eyebrow trim and neck and shoulder massage.

photo of two elderly men

Brothers Mike and Robert Cowan.

Hale and hearty, they talked and laughed and admired each other’s cut. All looked splendid; all wore smiles. As they left to return to home ports—though, indeed, they were changed men—they turned and cried out, “We conquered. We shall return. And next time, please add the color camo and hot neck shave!”

Men’s Hair House • N88 W15423 Main St. • Menomonee Falls, WI
(262) 293-3819

For more information on this men’s salon, see Men’s Hair House. At $14.95, their basic cut is a great deal. The guys above thoroughly enjoyed the hot towel and neck massage. They had never before experienced a barber’s relaxing shampoo—one that came after the cut to wash away all the hair clippings. That was a special treat.

Bill, Mike and Bob agreed that, had they not been given the gift cards, they wouldn’t have tried Men’s Hair Salon. They explained that, as creatures of habit, it’s too easy to stay with the usual routine. Glad of the experience, they talked about it later over breakfast. It was something to share with friends and neighbors, as well.)

(Thanks to Assistant Manager Sherry Oleniczak and Stylist Anna Elliot-Esparza for being such good sports!)

Stylist Anna Elliot-Esparza

Stylist Anna Elliot-Esparza