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Neat Freak

Neat Freak

We’re so excited about this new business! As Neat Freak provides us with details, we’ll keep you posted. She’ll be serving the Waukesha County area.

Amy (2)What could be better than coming home to all things clean, everything in its place and nothing to do but relax or entertain? You know that fabulous feel, and so do I. Neat Freak is all about helping you achieve that luxe state of mind (as well as keeping me happy doing what I love to do.)

A psychiatric nurse by profession with a family that’s grown, I enjoy (seriously!) cleaning my clients’ homes, rental units and offices. Whether you’re retired, a workaholic, divorced with no children, married with lots of children, single with a life filled with activity, elderly and lonely—whoever you are, I’d like you to have a clean house. I’d like you to have a clean office.

Let’s not waste your time or mine by listing all of the obvious household tasks Neat Freak performs. Instead, let me assure you that every client (and, hopefully, that’ll soon include you) receives customized cleaning. You walk me thru your home (or office), you show me what needs to be cleaned and you consider the job done. Yes, it’s as easy as that.


So that you don’t have to guess (like you do with other cleaning service websites), consider $30/hour as my guideline. Just like the cleaning I provide is customized, so are my rates. And, Neat Freak can charge by the hour or by the project. The choice is yours.