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Over the River and Thru the Falls

Over the River and Thru the Falls

Oh, how pretty it was. The Civil War-era Miller-Davidson farmhouse was the setting for the annual Old Falls Village holiday silver tea. A small core of volunteers from the Menomonee Falls Historical Society decorated the home using the theme, “Over the River and Through the Falls.” Nearly every room had a soft touch of the season.

Surely the highlight, drawing many comments, was the Christmas tree in the parlor. Simply but artfully trimmed with dried hydrangeas, snowflakes and tiny lights, it made quite a statement. The tree might have made it difficult for some visitors—whilephoto of tree in parlor they wanted to admire the tall tannenbaum, there were also homemade Christmas cookies and tea waiting for them in the dining room. Mmhhh…what to do?

Informal tours were provided of the Miller-Davidson home, Santa entertained on its sun porch, a cookie bake sale was held in the Public Meeting House (every treat I had was delicious, honest!) and Mrs. Claus entertained young ones with her storytelling.

A lot of thought and many, many hours were spent preparing for this event. It has become a tradition with the Menomonee Falls Historical Society, along with their Flea Market, Old Falls Village Days, Civil War Encampment and Halloween Family Fun Night.

If all of this sounds like strong encouragement to attend any or all of the above events, it is. Based on personal experience and strong connections, I know how hard the Historical Society works not just to host special experiences, but to also maintain their parcel of land on Hwy. Q. My parents, Robert and Diane Cowan, are two of those very hard-working volunteers.

I’m sure the Menomonee Falls Historical Society would appreciate it if I mentioned two of the Silver Tea’s sponsors: Bank of Memories & Flowers and Shady Lane Greenhouses.

Great job, everybody! Now, here’s a photo gallery of the December 2014 Silver Tea: