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Repurposed Winter White Cakes

photo of cake

Cake by Jerry Shafransky. Photo by Kimberly Hughes.

“You can’t have cake and eat it, too.” I’m going to turn that figure of speech around and say, “I can’t eat the cake, but I want to have it. Every crumb.” The cake I want is any of the beautiful white creations whipped up by antiques dealer Jerry Shafransky. Out of all the beautiful things on display during Monches Farm’s annual Artisans Holiday Tour on December 7, Jerry’s cakes popped out as pretty as can be.

His treats, inspired by old German candy containers, are crafted out of repurposed items, such as antique lace and other trim. Jerry doesn’t like throwing anything away, so he’ll give an old item new life by using it, say, as a cake topper. An antiques dealer, he can pull ingredients from a wide, eclectic pantry.

Placing his cakes on tall pedestals (repurposed, of course), Jerry provides customers an option for embellishing fireplace mantles and narrow shelves. No longer do decorators have to settle for those ubiquitous candlesticks. And Jerry’s confections don’t have to stay on the mantle. Imagine how they’d look on a wedding banquet table, beside the punch bowl at a baby shower, placed with freshly-baked cupcakes at a birthday party or as a pretty touch for a Valentine’s Day candy buffet.

Photo of three cakes

Cakes by Jerry Shafransky. Photo by Kimberly Hughes.

Considering the amount of time Jerry spends in the kitchen whipping up these gateaux, they are reasonably priced between $35 and $75. Anyone interested in having their cake (but not eating it), should contact Monches Farm (in Colgate, Wisconsin) at (262) 966-2787. Or, call Jerry Shafransky at Raven (not Raven’s) Nest in Cleveland, Wisconsin. The number is (920) 693-8428. Currently, there is no website for Raven Nest.

(Fun Fact: Ravens are known to line their bird nests with shiny found objects, such as brightly-colored string, bits of glass and lost jewelry. Mmmhh…wonder why Jerry called his business Raven Nest?)

To see more of Monches Farm and Jerry’s cakes, see Kimmunitee’s board on Pinterest.