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Retail Merchandising

Retail Merchandising

Services Provided by Kimmunitee:

 •  Create “Eye-Candy” Presentations  •  Establish Appropriate Store Ambiance  •  Freshen Displays  •  Generate Merchandising and Marketing Ideas  •  Coordinate In-Store Events  • Turn Chaos into Order  • Assure Website Content Matches Store Offerings  •  and Anything Else To Make Your Life Easier

A Bit of Background
All of the industry experience gleaned as an independent bookstore manager, a hospital gift shop coordinator, garden center merchandiser and a display setter for a large chain store is what I like to share. That, along with my enthusiasm. And I still have it after seventeen years in retail!

It’s not just because of the pretty presentations one can create. It’s the equal parts customer service, buying, inventory control, developing systems, establishing vendor relationships, preparing for the next season, hosting events, working with (and having fun with) staff, paying invoices and even making sure the store meets fire code requirements.

Added Bonus
A walk across the store without seeing a million things you’d like done? A lunch that isn’t pushed aside on your desk ‘cause everything else is more important? Five minutes without a phone call? Half a day without pop-ins from unexpended vendors? A complete shipment that shows the right discount and freight charges? See? I get it!

I fully understand the strictures placed on a retail manager’s schedule and make every attempt to complete your project as quietly and seamlessly as possible.