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First, Dave Rebro observed what was going on around him: his neighborhood and others were filled with “Yard Sale” signs. Then, he decided to fill a need: match buyers to sellers with a rummage and classified sales directory. Now, 16 years later, Dave Rebro’s RummageWisconsin.com features the popular “Big List of Great City-Wide Sales,” “The Learning Center (Free Checklists and Articles for Buyers and Sellers),” a “Wisconsin Bargain Hunters’ Essential Travel Tips” and a “Get Your Rummage On” e-newsletter.

In conjunction, Dave has a well-established social community on Facebook.

All together, Dave has not only improved the bottom line for many, many sales and fairs throughout Wisconsin, he’s also created lasting relationships with bargain hunters, Chambers of Commerce, and organizers of big events such as 7 Mile Fair and Rummage-A-Rama.

Get connected now with Wisconsin’s bustling rummage sale community by visiting RummageWisconsin.com.