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Small Business Office Support

Small Business Office Support

Services Provided by Kimmunitee

• Administrative Assistant  •  Receptionist  •  Meeting Minutes  •  Office Organizing  •  Filing  •  Word Processing  •  Meeting Planner  •  Data Entry • and Anything Else To Make Your Life Easier

Background Bits
While working in investment companies and law firms, college campuses and manufacturing industries, non-profit organizations and veterans agencies, I expanded on all the office skills I learned in a two-year business college.

It was in a secretarial position right after obtaining my associate’s degree where I discovered my talent for writing professional correspondence. Since then, I have perfected my gift and relish opportunities to craft clear, concise communications.

My fingers love to fly across a keyboard, but still remember what it was like to have to constantly hit the carriage return. I can recall having to make white-out corrections while the stationery and multiple copies (with carbon paper) were still in the typewriter. Introductions were an art form. Bosses didn’t type anything.

After reading some of the above, you may rightfully assume that my office experience goes back quite a ways. That should also assure you that, with all those years behind me, I’m a seasoned professional.

Added Bonus
I still use SHORTHAND..