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Social Media

Social Media

Using social media platforms such as websites, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter, Kimmunitee can help you do the following …

 • Create relationships  •  Share upbeat news  •  Provide genuine customer service  •  Highlight special events  •  Act as a resource  •  Launch press releases  •  Supply worthwhile tips  •  Develop newsletters  •  Answer on-line queries  •  Serve as the person behind the “Contact Us” form  •  Coordinate the content sharing

It’s unlikely I’d ever tell a client they “must” be on certain platforms. Can’t imagine letting SEO rule my writing. Don’t spend precious time sweating Google site analytics. Think embarrassing best describes the phrase, “like us on Facebook.” Branding has become an unpleasant word.

Nope. I’m definitely not an expert in social media. Nor do I appreciate feeling pressured to be present on every platform that exists. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t recognize its power or that I don’t have fun with it.

Spreading unique messages via social media—-matching great content to eye-appealing formats-—is a huge creative outlet for me. There’s always something new to learn and different options to explore. I find the artistry involved in pulling it all together most enjoyable.

More importantly, however, I’m deeply gratified when my skills (long-held and/or newly-acquired) help give voice and substance to clients’ endeavors, enabling them to increase their visibility and sales.

Throughout it all, I assure clients that they are in charge, not the ubiquitous social media mandates they hear about from experts.

No hammer should tell the carpenter what to do. Why, then, allow social media to tell you how to best communicate with your customers?