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PhotoMy job is to give artists exposure and contacts—That’s what Susan Corkum is devoted to doing day after day as the owner of Purloin Studio in Menomonee Falls. And she’s delighted to be doing it, saying, “If this were to end tomorrow, I would consider this the best time of my life.” Hopefully, that’s what all small business owners are able to say at least once.

Susan has had several successful careers—not all in art—and she has wide experience with art media: pen and ink, weavings, jewelry, goldsmithing, metalwork, glass, pottery and more. Her husband, Tim, has joined Susan in her latest venture and serves as the studio’s Coffeehouse Manager and book dealer. It’s a role, she says, into which “he has poured his heart and soul.”

I’m sure that Susan does the same in the relationships she cultivates with clients, artists and fellow small business owners. She gives a warm welcome to each of her guests, provides encouragement to all those who bring in their artwork (whether or not she accepts it for the studio) and eagerly collaborates with neighboring businesses in joint events that generate more traffic for everyone.

by artist Marilyn Leach

She speaks proudly of her artists, saying, “They’re all at the top of their game.” There have been several with whom she’s made an extra special connection. One in particular was a young artist by the name of Ryan Miller. “His work drew me in,” Susan says, and his calm, quiet demeanor was compelling to studio visitors. He became a graphics designer, moved to Door County and opened his own gallery space. Now she doesn’t know where he is but, with his talent, is sure his name will pop up somewhere. “I can’t wait to see what he does next,” Susan adds.

What’s next for Susan herself? I’m curious about that myself and am following Purloin Studio on Facebook and Twitter. I also want to check it out on Instagram. As the gallery grows, in the meantime, here are some reasons for you, family and friends to visit and say “Hello” to Susan and Tim:

This last bit here deserves special attention because it’s a great service that Susan provides local real estate agents and home sellers: 

The gallery supplies original artwork for staging. What a way to impress potential buyers!
Call Susan at (262) 255-9090 for details.

 Purloin Studio
N88 W16567 Main Street
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051

~ Kimberly Hughes
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