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Tracy Champagne of Small Business Milwaukee

Tracy Champagne of Small Business Milwaukee

Not sure how to use social media to grow your business? Confused by all the different platforms? Wondering if it’s okay to skip Twitter? Curious about promoting online a special event? Get help AND take advantage of some free advertising and networking activities thru Small Business Milwaukee.

Tracy Champagne is its creator, social media pro, class facilitator, networker and web designer/host. A hard-working dynamo, her attitude is, “If I don’t know how to do it, I’ll learn. And then I’ll teach others.”

She doesn’t overwhelm her students or clients with the full force of the Internet. Instead, she breaks it down into manageable steps in order to help small business owners get comfortable with, understand and then take advantage of all that social media has to offer. Sooner or later, Tracy has clients comfortably mapping out their own marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

What I especially appreciate about Tracy is her diligence and straightforward, no-nonsense style. And I can truthfully say that the rates for her skills and expertise are some of the lowest in the country. She’s very sensitive to the needs, challenges and budgets of small businesses.

Get to know Tracy, join her network, take her classes, ask her to design your website or create your social media campaign. Start now by visiting smallbizmke.com.

Tracy Champagne
Small Business Milwaukee

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