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Universal Services

Universal Services
Photo of two Universal Services staff moving  a curio cabinet.

Hector and Mike of Universal Services.

The retirement complex suggested several movers. Not knowing one from the others, we just started calling. It wasn’t until the last phone conversation when one—Universal Services—stood apart from the rest.

To be fair, they had the advantage in that they only move seniors. That made us especially interested in what Universal had to say. To their credit, they took that advantage and then surpassed all of our expectations.

A member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers with 25 years of experience in the field, their office is in Lannon, Wisconsin. All of the staff we met was professional, knowledgeable and reassuring as they guided us through every step.

In any other article, we’d starting describing each of those steps—from the complimentary in-home survey, thru the packing and moving, to the final wrap-up in the new home. But you know what? We don’t have the space here to comment on all of the wonderful things they did!

Let’s simply say that, with Universal, you can do as little as you want (if anything) to prepare for the move. Items can stay in drawers; you can have things boxed or not; they’ll take furniture apart on one end and reassemble it on the other. Staff will take photos of curios in cabinets, pack and move them and then, using those photos, put the curios back in their proper place.

Just as importantly, care is also taken with client relationships. A transition to a new home is especially difficult for older adults and Universal understands that. They know what advice to provide, how to handle difficult situations and when to add a little humor. Staff is observant, incredibly hard-working, detailed.

Need to downsize? Consider Universal a big help and a huge resource. They’ve got names and numbers for many organizations and individuals in the Metro Milwaukee area to whom donations can be made. Need to have things cleaned after the old home is emptied? They can help. Need some off-site storage? Want to ship collectibles to family and friends? Need help arranging furniture in the new place? Universal does it all. They do it well.

Prior to calling Universal, we had no idea that senior-centered movers existed. Thinking that others might be equally unaware, Kimmunitee hopes to change that a bit by way of this recommendation.

 (Special Note to Hector, Jim and both Mikes: Thank you. We hope you know how much we appreciated everything you did for us.)

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